Monday, 24 October 2016

Noah's Ark Quilt A Long

 Today I'm finishing up with the
Noah's Ark Quilt A Long.

Our beautiful photos are from Ulrike Brandl of Germany. Thanks so much for letting us see them and especially from me for letting me use them here on the blog.

This is Section 13 - a Zebra peeking out of a porthole.

Section 14 - Mr Noah and the second Monkey

Section 15 - The dove with the green branch

Section 16 and 17 - The waves

Once the sections are finished you can start joining them all together.

 This forms the bottom half of the Noah's Ark art quilt.
I love those waves!!
Now to join it to the top half and complete the quilt top.

  This is the finished quilt from Ulrike Brandl.

I love it so much!

Well Done Ulrike!!

This is the bottom half of the Noah's Ark sewn by Sunitha Pilli of the USA. Thanks for your photos. I love this quilt just as much! I feel as if I need to hug it....

Have a Great Monday!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Hi there friends...

Ive been really busy trying to get all my patterns onto my website where you will be able to purchase them through Paypal. Sort of my own Craftsy....
Ive also managed to get someone to help me with all the technical side of things.... really excited to see what they have come up with.

I still can't upload anything to Craftsy - so Im starting to feel a lot less loved....

*** Until my Quilt Art Designs Store opens you can send me an email ( if you would like to buy a pattern and I'll send you an invoice OR you can pay me into my Paypal acc. and I'll email you the pattern... either way, you will get your PDF without a problem.
My Paypal account is:

Thanks so much for all the support!!

This is "Spooky Castle" 
Pattern measures 24x36" (62x92cm)
Intermediate Level
USD $8.00

 This cute pattern is "Cat, Bat and Owl"
Pattern measures 20x24" (50x62cm)
Intermediate Level
USD $6.00

This is "Geometric Slider"
Pattern measures: 40x54" (129cmx135cm)
Easy Intermediate Level
UDS $10.00

This is my "Emerald Seahorse"
Pattern measures: 10" (26cm)
Intermediate Level
USD $4.00

These 2 are the Spooky Mugrugs #5 and the scary one #6

Pattern measures 8" (21cm)
Intermediate Level
USD $2.00


Have a Great Week-End!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mystery Block October...

 October has a new Mystery block.....
Whatever can it be.....

The pattern measures 10" (26cm) and is on the Intermediate level - so in other words - not hard at all....

Here are some of our previous mystery blocks we've completed this year.
Our Symbolic Calendar is really comming along nicely.

This was the block for September....... >>
'Back to School'

 Our New Mystery #10 for October is available
 as a FREE GDrive PDF and is
 downloadable HERE....

I also have a Mystery Block page where I will keep all the old mystery blocks and quick links to the patterns that you might have missed.

A link up button is on the Mystery Block page where you are welcome to link a photo of your finished mystery blocks or you can add them to the Flickr Group page

Thank you to everyone who joins in and shares their finished block for all to see!!


Have a Great Day!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Noah's Ark Week 11 & 12

 Its Noah's Ark time again.....

We're already busy with the bottom half of the Ark where the waves are more dominant.

I need to finish the discussions on the Ark by the end of the month  -  so -  today we'll be discussing the weeks 11 and 12

As usual our amazing photos belong to
Ulrike Brandl of Germany.
I love the colours she has chosen for her waves. The darker fabric has small little fishes - really cute!

For week 11 you will need the pattern pieces: FM - FS

 For the waves there are about 3 to 4 different colours in "sort of turquoise" colours. You are welcome to change them up just as you like.

For Week 12 you will need pattern
pieces: FT - GC

Once both sections are finished you can join them to make the large corner piece.

And here is our finished Week 11 & 12 sections... Beautiful!

Quick link to the Noah's Ark Pattern

Share your work with us on the Flickr group. Button on the right side bar. Thanks.


Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday... 

 ** tomorrow we do our Mystery Blocks

Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Fun Day...

 Its the Spooky Mug Rugs..........
They're all here...

Today we're on #6 - and he's trying hard to be very scarey...

The pattern measures 8" (21cm) and is on the Easy Intermediate level.

He will be free for the week-end, so grab yours up before they all fly off....

I'm still not able to upload my PDF's to Craftsy and after how many emails, I still get NOTHING.... Im really getting upset with all of it and now Im thinking of leaving them and finding somewhere else. I have a business that brings in money that pays bills and now.....they're not affected by this, so why should they care. I am soooooo Frustrated I could explode...

Im working on a website where you can sell your products directly to your clients and its a huge undertaking - SO...... I might be absent from work here and there....


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Art with Fabric

Today is my turn in the Art with Fabric blog hop. Hosted by Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting we all had to make a quilted piece from any traditional art work. By "traditional" I mean anything that a non-quilter will label as art, like paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture from all countries and all time periods etc.

I finally chose the poem by Joyce Kilmer (1914) called Trees. 

I really have a 'thing' for trees - all kinds. Forests, plantations, bushveld - I love them all.
So, I decided to make something with a modern twist - a little pop art-ish even...

This was my design that I came up with and it could easily have gone down the really wild road, but.... I wanted to still be able to use it once it was finished....

Once I had narrowed down the fabric selection and made myself a numbering system that even I would remember....
I got to work

The pattern measures 20" (50cm) and is really not very difficult once the sewing part starts.

I divided the work up into 3 sections so that it could be tackled easily between all the other projects I was also working on.

I went with the greens this time because my daughter wanted to give the mini quilt it to a friend and I wasn't sure if they would like it in bright pop art colours...

Im sure I'll make another in brighter colours just to see how it turns out...

And here we have the Pop Art Forest

I FMQ'd the fronts of the trees using a gold colour thread in geometric shapes to echo the shape of the trees.

I added a really cool fabric to the back that was just begging to be used in this project and there you go....

Other blog hop participants that you can also visit today are...

Terry @ terryaskeartquilts (
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